Stylized black and orange word More with devil horns over the o and a devil tail on the e

Stylized red and black text that reads More the Musical

About More the Musical

Our story is a tale of a troubled young woman who has all her dreams come true, with horrifying results, when she starts work in an employment agency run by the Devil.

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Meet Jimmy More
The monster behind More, the Musical

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Step into the twisted mind of Jimmy More, the enigmatic and relentless force behind the eerie More Employment Agency at the heart of this musical journey. As the Devil himself, Jimmy More embodies the essence of ambition, consumerism, and an insatiable hunger for more.

If you’d like to know more about the musical and hear some of the songs we have prepared for you, sign up to our contact list and you’ll receive the soundtrack. Although . . . don’t come crying to us when you hear Jimmy More’s voice whispering in your ear.

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