Stylized black and orange word More with devil horns over the o and a devil tail on the e

Welcome to More, the Musical.

Where dreams become nightmares!

Step into the world of an extraordinary employment agency, but be warned: this is no ordinary workplace. Run by the Devil himself, this agency promises to fulfill all your desires, turning dreams into reality. But what happens when the line between fantasy and nightmare becomes blurred?

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Hundred dollar bill with text over it that says Have we gotta job for you!
Stylized eyeball with vertical pupil surrounded by text reading Media is your Friend

Are you ready to enter a dark and twisted tale that will captibate your senses and leave you questioning the very nature of your desires? Look no further than MORE, the Musical, a hauntingly beautiful production that will take you on a journey through the shadows of ambition, consumerism, and the consequences that follow.

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